March Update

March Update

Mar 23, 2018

Hello everyone!

Early spring has been busy with travel around the United States. Liz has been in Washington D.C. as a featured speaker at George Washington University and American University. Big thanks to Kaylee Lindahl and Jarek Buss for setting up these speaking events!

At George Washington University on March 9, Liz met Sushil Adhikari, a man from Nepal who is working with child earthquake victims and is interested in establishing an SMF programfor them. Hopefully soon we will have more news on SMF training to establish local volunteers to teach music to children in Nepal. Thank you very much as well to the exceptional students at GWU, and we hope to hear more from them in the future!

At American University on March 11, Liz participated in the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium, meeting fantastic AU students, adults, and leaders in Arts fields, as well as sharing the work of SMF with participants.

On March 19, SMF Board Member Bethany Nickel presented a session about SMF's work teaching music in refugee camps at the Music Teacher's National Association Conference in Buena Vista, Florida. Big thanks to MTNA for hosting this session, as well as to the fantastic music teachers who came and are still showing an interest in using their skills to improve the lives of others. 

What is next on the agenda? Liz will soon head back to Kosovo and Greece to continue the SMF music programs. A program for Rohinga refugees in Bangladesh, set up through Hope International at a children's center, is in progress and will hopefully begin in Fall 2018.


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