Board of Directors

Meet Our Board of Directors

Board Members:

  • LeeAnn Heder (Chair)
  • Terri Sundberg
  • Stephen Clay
  • Diana Peterson
  • Heidi Johnson
  • Tre Hulme
  • Andrew Dougherty
  • Erblina (Eri) Vokshi
  • Monica Clay

    Terri Sundberg Terri Sundberg

    Terri Sundberg is Professor of Flute at the University of North Texas and plays with the Crested Butte Festival Orchestra in Crested Butte, Colorado. She has presented master classes and performed as soloist, chamber musician and orchestral musician across the U.S. and abroad, including concerts in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. She visited the SMF program in Kosovo in 2004 and was stunned by the transformative power of the SMF program and the capacity of local teenagers to be teachers and leaders. She has great passion for her work on PTMI Board because PTMI affirms on a daily basis her belief that music and musicians truly can change the world in extraordinary ways.

    Andrew Dougherty Andrew Dougherty

    Andrew Dougherty is an investment analyst for Capital Group with a focus on the Asia Pacific region. He joined the Capital Group in 2004, and has lived in Asia for 13 years. He earned an MPhil in Modern Chinese Studies from Cambridge University and a BA in economics and international affairs from George Washington University. He is passionate about international service initiatives, having lived in Russia for two years and China for more than ten years. He grew up as a classically trained violinist, later evolving into a hip hop artist, and he is passionate about the potential for music to heal hearts and change lives.

    Diana Peterson Diana Peterson

    Diana Peterson mother of 7 and grandmother of 27, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has served on the boards of the Brigham Young University Alumni Association, Children First Utah, Alianza Academy, Lincoln Center Education, CHOICE Humanitarian, First Hope Nepal, and Gifted Music School. Diana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in French, with a Minor in Music, from BYU. She is an accomplished pianist and violinist and has served as a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    Heidi Johnson Heidi Johnson

    Heidi Johnson is a licensed massage therapist, focusing on chronic pain and pre- and post-surgery massage. Thirty years ago she graduated with a degree in German and Russian Literature, and then spent the next 18 years living abroad with her husband and three children. She has known Liz Shropshire since her university days and is thrilled to help continue her great work in giving children a childhood and developing leadership skills in youth.

    Stephen Clay Stephen Clay

    Stephen Clay has worked as a CPA for nearly 20 years and is currently serving as the controller of EMI Health in Salt Lake City, Utah. He spent part of his career providing auditing services for nonprofit organizations.  He's served on many boards, including a current role as Treasurer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah.  He began volunteering for the Foundation in 2008. 

    LeeAnn Heder LeeAnn Heder

    LeeAnn Heder is currently serving as board chair. She worked in a number of refugee camps and compounds throughout mainland Greece and the islands, including several shelters for unaccompanied minors. Her role in the design and coordination of humanitarian relief between donors, service organizations and different groups of refugees inspired a love for the people and a desire to be part of bringing them hope. She is the mother of six and a graduate of Brigham Young University in Dance Specialization and Health Education. Over the years she has contributed to community dance and theater productions as choreographer and director. She is an avid hiker, biker and grandmother.

    Erblina (Eri) Vokshi Erblina (Eri) Vokshi

    Erblina (Eri) Vokshi joined the PTMI program in 1999 and was one of Liz’s first volunteers in Kosovo.  Having gone through the war herself, Eri experienced first-hand the power of the Peace through Music program: the joy the music brings to children and the leadership and confidence skills it builds for the youth volunteers.  Eri moved to study in the U.S. in 2002.  She went on to receive a master’s degree in Structural Engineering from Arizona State University and continued to be close to Liz and the program.  She currently lives in Florida with her husband and daughter and works as a Sr. Product Engineer for Sika Co.  Eri looks forward to advancing the PTMI mission as a board member.

    Tre Hulme Tre Hulme

    Tre Hulme has managed her own technology consulting business in Los Angeles, California for the past 30 years. Having been raised in a large musical family, she is an accomplished pianist and enjoys singing with her five sisters. Tre has known Liz Shropshire for more than 20 years. She has accompanied Liz to Greece, Poland and Bangladesh, assisting her in teaching music to children and young adults. These experiences allowed Tre to witness first-hand how much joy Liz’s work has brought to thousands around the world. “PTMI is not just about the music,” Tre says. “The program also helps the youth volunteers develop life-changing leadership skills, giving them a solid foundation for a more hopeful and successful life.

    Monica Clay Monica Clay

    Monica Clay works as a communications and marketing contractor in Salt Lake City, Utah. She began volunteering for the Foundation as a college student in 2002. She says she deeply appreciates the Foundation’s work serving children who have been “forgotten” by society and other relief organizations and looks forward to seeing the growth of its outreach at a time of unprecedented global need.