Serving Yazidi & Iraqi Youth

In Iraq Since 2022

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Yazidi Program Director Asifa Hassan 

Yazidi Ukulele Program

From 2016-2019 PTMI ran a very successful music program in the Serres, Greece camp for Yazidi refugees who narrowly escaped the genocidal actions of ISIS.

Some of these Yazidi refugees were given asylum in Germany. Asifa Hassan, a young Iraqi refugee living in Germany, initiated a plan to bring many of her fellow teen and young adult peers together via Zoom to learn the ukulele.

As a result of Asifa's initiative and management, she, with the assistance of Liz Shropshire, now teaches two online Ukulele classes each week to young Yazidi and Iraqi refugees. Some of these young people join the class from a refugee camp in Iraq. The classes provide education, trauma relief, and socialization as the students lean on each other in their unique shared experience.