Become involved as an individual.

Practice for Peace Individual

Whether you are a musician, music student, or even an athlete–you can help raise money for a noble cause while motivating yourself to practice daily. Follow the steps below to help war-traumatized children around the world.

The first 50 individuals who raise $100 or more will receive their choice of a free Shropshire Music Foundation t-shirt or a guitar pick necklace!

Step 1:

Email us for a "Practice for Peace Kit" which includes a Pledge Form and a Daily Practice Log.

Step 2:

Find sponsors (family, friends, neighbors, teachers) who will pledge a certain amount for each minute you practice over the next month. Suggested amounts – pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters.

Step 3:

Record practice minutes daily during November on the Daily Practice Log.

Step 4:

Tally up all practice minutes and collect pledges the first week of December.

Step 5:

Mail your pledge money and Daily Practice Log to:

The Shropshire Music Foundation Practice for Peace Program
2012 Peach Blossom Drive, Kaysville, UT 84037

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