Amber's Kosova trip with SMF (BYUH intern)

Aug 31, 2012

This is week 6, the second to the last week before we go back to Hawaii. I’ve seen a lot of changes among the kids, Kosova volunteers, and BYUH students. Those changes are not so big or obvious but yet are significant.[...]


BYUH Interns in Kosovo!!

Aug 25, 2012

As I’ve written previously, BYU Hawaii (BYUH) has many students from war-affected countries, and whenever I speak there I am asked by multiple students to bring our program to their country.[...]


SMF Concert in N. Ireland!

Jul 24, 2012

Our NI concert was a great success!  Not all of the children in our program were able to perform because the concert was held one week after the end of school and many were on holiday with their parents.[...]


Michelle's Dallas Benefit Concert Entry

Jul 02, 2012

I have been inspired by the incredible work that the Shropshire Music Foundation does for several years now, so when Liz was looking for people to get together on Skype meetings to find ways to help the organization, I was so excited to take advantage of this opportunity to get involved![...]